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The culinary culture of Sintra is notable:  home of the famous sugar coated ‘pillows’, ou travesseiros; cheese-based queijadas; fluffy ‘fofas de Belas’ among other pastries will not leave anyone indifferent. The Historic Center is full of famous pastry shops and cafés!  The Colares wines are in a class of their own, and the d.o.c. of Colares wines are exquisite.  Many vineyards hold tastings and give tours of the fields and the adega.  In addition, small breweries are appearing in the region and their beer is distinguished in the national market. There are several nice beer places to go for a tasting, lunch, or just a cool drink.   The countryside of Sintra is known for many restaurants of leitão ou roasted piglets on the menu, and the fantastic cooking apple maçã raineta and its derivants are so popular that there is even a yearly Maçã Raineta festival in Sintra every November. Also worth enjoying are the local saloia breads of Assafora and Janas, baked traditionally in wood-burned ovens. 

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