One of the best kept secrets of Portugal, according to Chef Gordon Ramsay

June 18, 2021by virpi

Colares Wines are ‘one of the best kept secrets of Portugal’

Chef Gordon Ramsay

The world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay recently filmed an episode for the National Geographic series Uncharted in Portugal. 

There are several reasons why the Colares wines are unique:

1) They are some of the oldest wines in Portugal, dating back to year 1255

2) 80% of the wines grow deep in sand dunes – a detail that protected them from the 1865 phylloxera plague

3) They get their special taste from the harsh coastal climate (westernmost vineyards of continental Europe)

4) And now they were made world famous by chef Ramsey! (watch the trailer of Gordon Ramsay’s visit here – Find our more about the Colares wines here)

To visit the vineyards we suggest a few hikes:

PR8 is a circular 15 km trail that starts and finishes by the cellars of Adega de Colares, the oldest wine co-op in Portugal. The trail goes through a pine forest, along the coast, and through some coastal villages; passing by various vineyards where you can see the particularity of the vines growing without trellising, as if hugging the ground. In addition to a private car and a bus (441), you can reach the Adega by the old Sintra tram. Stopping at Azenhas do Mar for lunch is a nice option if you don’t want to carry a picnic.

Another option is to walk from the Historic Center and Casa do Valle toward the coast until Penedo, Casas Novas to Casal Santa Maria vineyards or until Almoçagem to visit Adega Viúva Gomes. There are places to eat in Penedo and Almoçagem – or you can continue to the beach of Adraga. Return to the Historic Center by public transportation (bus 403 or taxi/uber).

Finally we suggest a walk to Quinta San Michel that specializes in Colares whites, in Janas, about 8 kms each way from the Historic Center. This is a new hike, not yet in the APP. Contact us for a map or a guide.

Any one of these vineyards has visits to the cellars and tastings. Contact us if you need assistance for setting them up.

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