Walking in Sintra in the Spring

June 14, 2021by Walk Sintra

Sintra is fabulous any time of the year, but spring has a special feeling!
(April, May, June)

Everything is in bloom and there is a special scent in the air:

The mountain floor in many places is covered in blue periwinkle, the coastal area in pink armerias and hottentot figs and the countryside in multi-coloured daisies, clovers, and poppies. The air is filled with the sweetness of pittosporums, jasmin, honeysuckle and fruit-tree-blossoms.
After the winter rains have dried up, the paths are normally in good condition, the occasional puddles are easy enough to avoid. In the open fields and forest edges, the grass grows quite high quite quickly – often together with the beautiful but prickly thistles, so long pants or high socks are suggested. Most of the hay fields are cut by mid-May though. The many streams are still bountiful with water, and the waterfalls, though not as full as in the winter season, have enough water to have a beautiful water flow.

The average spring-time afternoon temperatures in Sintra are between 21 and 27ºC, and the night time temperature about 10º less (12-16ºC). In April and May you can expect many showers, but not a lot of water, especially in May. It is rare to have rain for a full day. More than half the days are sunny in any month, and the average hours of sunshine are 9-11 hours per day. So be prepared for all kinds of weather – layering and light rain coat are recommended. On the coast, it is normally windier in the afternoons. Do remember to use your sunscreen, as our sun is strong!

The local busses are still in their winter schedules until the end of June, or school season, so there are plenty of busses to get you to the starting /finishing points of the hikes.

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